What is Vigo Video?How to Earn Money from Vigo Video?

Hello friends do you know about vigo video? If you do not know, then read the entire article. Because today we will know how VEGO video works? And how to make money from it?

What is vigo video?

A software company of Chaina, Beijing Bytedance network technology co. ltd. Develep vigo video software ie android app vigo video. And launched on 26 July 2017. Vigo video is 5 most liked application of Playstore. Which has more than 150M active users.

How to earn from Vigo video?

If you have any talent and you can do anything creative, then you can generate very quick and very good income from here.

To earn money from this, you have to install it and create an account. You have to create and upload some creative videos with this camera. You can upload only 10 videos daily. If your fans like your content then you will be given flame from vigo key.

Here you have to upload 15sec videos of sirf. From which you get flame. It also works exactly like youtube. If you post any copyrighted content then your account stops getting flame.

How many ways to earn from Vigo?

You can earn in two ways with vigo.

  1. You get flame on every video of you. With which you can earn.
  2. Every week, Wego maintains challange for its users. And the top 30 users are given additional flame.

Can’t find Flame what to do?

Most users complain that we are not getting flame. So if you also do not get flame, then follow this condition

  1. Always record video from vigo’s camera. Never put gallery videos on vigo.
  2. After uploading a video, the second video is uploaded after 2 to 3 hours.
  3. Never put 2 videos together.
  4. Record the video in good lighting and use the filter.
  5. Make a video that your follower likes and shares.
  6. Always add videos of the same category.